About Our Services

Increasing access to quality

education options for all young people

School Design & Development
  • Innovative program and school model designers
  • Specializing in school designs for specific student populations
  • School developers creating high impact education solutions
School Improvement & Student Supports
  • School turnaround implementation strategists
  • Leadership coaches centered on school mission, goals and systems alignment
  • School tacticians grounded in community and student needs
Site Reviews, Evaluations & Risk Analysis
  • School/ program academic auditors
  • Auditors focused on operations efficiencies and systems alignment
  • Charter school renewal specialists
  • School/ program scaleup risk analysts
School Growth & Scaleup
  • Academic quality controller
  • External relations specialists focused on building strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Fiscal and operational engineers
  • Fund development strategists
  • School/program market analysts and reporting
  • Position paper and charter authorizer report writers
  • Curriculum content and instructional designers
  • Policy platform architects

About Us

Talbot Consulting strives to be the favored consulting practice for small to mid-size nonprofits; foundations; public schools, institutions and agencies; and individuals engaged in the education and youth development space. We accomplish this by ensuring high customer satisfaction that results in repeat engagements and client referrals comprising at least 80 percent of our business. Our approach is personal, empathetic, collaborative, customized and sustainable.


Our core values extend from our belief that all young people – no matter their demographics – are entitled to quality education programs. Our work begins with the premise that those organizations, institutions and agencies providing educational, social, emotional and developmental services and supports to young people and their families deserve our respect, empathy, loyalty and support. These core values determine our clients, and the ways in which we interact and engage with them. Our role is to support, not direct; to partner, not lead; and to build capacity not dependence.

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Client Testimonials

YouthBuild Newark and Newark’s Opportunity Youth Network

Leslie and I have known each other and worked together on various projects for over a decade. I appreciate the knowledge, talent, collegiality, shared goals and understanding she brings to our mission.

—Robert Clark, Executive Director


Storefront Academy South Bronx

While working with Leslie to refine systems and procedures, I was able to turnaround my previous school and raise state test proficiency rates to nearly six times what it was when I took over the school. Leslie is smart, resourceful, reliable and results are guaranteed.

—Dr. Nicole Richardson-Garcia, School Leader


Community College Prep Academy Public Charter School

Talbot Consulting is an invaluable asset in senior consultancy toolkit. Over the years we have employed their talent pool to draft our charter application, facilitate planning and support our development efforts. Leslie and her team consistently deliver at high level.

—Connie Spinner, CEO & Head of School


Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids (BRICK)

I choose the word ‘partner’ intentionally because Leslie’s firm does take the approach of partnership when working with clients. They are critical thought partners who expose you to different angles that help elevate your project to the next level.

—Dominique Lee, Founder and Executive Director


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Talbot Consulting Staff

Devoted to improving schools everywhere.

I founded Talbot Consulting as a means to partner with extraordinary organizations focused on increasing student access to quality education programming.

— Leslie Talbot


Dr. Garcia


The endless bank of knowledge and assistance that Leslie and her team brings enables me as a school leader … to work side-by-side with my team to strengthen them.

Dr. Nicole Richardson-Garcia

School Leader