Isabella Acosta

Isabella Acosta

Research Assistant

Isabella Acosta is an interdisciplinary designer whose work encompasses illustration, typography, and infographics. As the team’s infographic designer, she creates intuitive and visually appealing graphics for data-oriented projects and presentations. She is driven by how complexities of color, line, and space, can shape compelling messages.

Prior to joining Talbot Consulting, Isabella produced editorial illustrations, comics, and typographic designs for several companies, brands, and magazines including Cartoon Network, Adolescent Content, and Rookie Mag. In 2016, she collaborated with the LA-based fashion brand, The Style Club, to design themed clothing collections promoting gender equality and female empowerment.

Today, her apparel designs for the “Babes Who Vote” and “We Are One” collections are retailed at Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Macy’s, and Forever 21. In 2018, Isabella was commissioned by Instagram to design a floor map for the company’s new headquarters office in New York City.

Isabella is currently studying communication design at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. When not in front of her computer, she can be found practicing the ukulele, reading a good book, or running to the beat of Bach.