Eliane Mitchell



Eliane Mitchell

Research Assistant

Eliane Mitchell is a problem-solver and a mixed-methods researcher, whose work across disciplines informs her insights in the nonprofit and public sectors. Eliane strives to apply her experiences from conducting experimental, survey-based, and qualitative research to identify new solutions for the most pressing issues in education, poverty, and political communications.

Eliane’s experience includes work in media, law, and behavioral research. Prior to joining Talbot Consulting, she served as a research fellow for the American Voices Project — a national study on illuminating how Americans are doing — jointly led by Stanford and Princeton Universities. In this capacity, Eliane conducted over 100, in-depth interviews with individuals and families pre- and mid-pandemic, capturing her respondents’ stories, hardships, and hopes.

Eliane received a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Stanford University. She is currently an active member of the R for Data Science online learning community, and R-Ladies community. Eliane enjoys jogging, singing to French Indie music, and performing Improv in her free time.