About Us



Our mission is to partner with extraordinary organizations, public officials, policymakers, philanthropists and other education stakeholders to ensure all young people can access quality educational programming. We believe it is imperative to the growth, safety, security and sustainability of communities across the United States for all students, no matter their circumstances or demographics, to receive exceptional schooling.

We also believe that brilliant talent exists in all communities. Much of this home-grown human capital is focused on improving economic, social, emotional and educational services for our nation’s most vulnerable children and young people. Talbot Consulting seeks to nurture this talent and increase the capacity of community-based efforts and organizations to improve educational equity for the youth and families that they serve.


Our vision entails a future wherein all families can access quality educational and school programs comprised of innovative design elements that meet the unique learning needs of their children. Our work across the United States confirms that successful and modern K-12 institutions are grounded in strong school cultures comprised of rituals, traditions and daily practices that:

  • Promote healthy relationships;
  • Foster a strong sense of self and community;
  • Provide personalized teaching and learning;
  • Advance academic rigor;
  • Ensure instructional content and skills are current, relevant and include applied learning opportunities;
  • Develop and further student agency;
  • Build and nurture social and emotional skills; and
  • Cultivate home and community connections.


In partnership with extraordinary individuals and organizations, we develop, support and promote future-focused educational programs and schools that:

  • Are community-connected and relevant;
  • Include mission-aligned systems-level processes and outcomes;
  • Attract, respect, develop and support students, faculty and staff;
  • Embrace technology to create efficiencies to and streamline operations;
  • Offer students personalized, cross-curricular and applied learning environments;
  • Provide educational programming that is tightly aligned with labor and economic projections; and
  • Are supportive of students’ academic and nonacademic needs.

Through our work across the United States we witness the challenges associated with efforts to establish, implement and sustain nonprofit and public institutions providing K-12 education.

This is hard work! Accordingly, our approach to client services is personal, empathetic, collaborative, customized and sustainable. Our role is to support, not direct; partner, not lead; and build capacity not dependence. Our strategies are solutions-oriented and designed to achieve optimum results with efficiency and long-term success. Together with our client partners we engage in an enduring crusade to improve educational equity and increase access to quality education programs and public schools.