YouthBuild Newark and Newark’s Opportunity Youth Network

Robert Clark, Executive Director

“Over the years, Leslie and her team have had the uncanny ability to transform my long-term vision of better outcomes for opportunity youth into successful educational programs and solutions. We have worked with Talbot Consulting to launch two alternative education programs: one high school opened in partnership with Newark Public Schools, and the other as New Jersey’s first alternative education charter high school. Leslie and I have known each other and worked together on various projects for over a decade. I appreciate the knowledge, talent, collegiality, shared goals and understanding she brings to our mission.”

Storefront Academy South Bronx

Dr. Nicole Richardson-Garcia, School Leader

“Talbot Consulting is an invaluable resource to any school team. I have had the privilege of utilizing the services of Leslie’s team during my tenure at two schools over the last 6 years. While working with Leslie to refine systems and procedures, I was able to turnaround my previous school and raise state test proficiency rates to nearly six times what it was when I took over the school. Leslie is smart, resourceful, reliable and results are guaranteed.

Leslie’s best attribute is that she builds capacity within your team to enable you to eat for a lifetime and not just fish for one day. She and her team worked beside us to ensure that we felt comfortable and secure in the implementation of any new policies and practices. A phone call is all that is ever needed when we have additional concerns. The endless bank of knowledge and assistance that Leslie and her team brings enables me as a school leader to step back, and really examine my operation, identify areas for professional growth and to work side-by-side with my team to strengthen them.”

Community College Prep Academy Public Charter School – Washington, DC

Connie Spinner, CEO & Head of School

“Talbot Consulting is an invaluable asset in senior consultancy toolkit. Over the years we have employed their talent pool to draft our charter application, facilitate planning and support our development efforts. Leslie and her team consistently deliver at high levels.”

Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids (BRICK)

Dominique Lee, Founder and Executive Director

“Talbot Consulting led by Leslie Talbot, is a great firm to partner with when doing projects. I choose the word ‘partner’ intentionally because Leslie’s firm does take the approach of partnership when working with clients. They are critical thought partners who expose you to different angles that help elevate your project to the next level. Finally, Leslie’s firm is committed to excellence, the work products they produce are top notch.”