Talbot Consulting was recently featured in Testiphi, an online magazine devoted to social justice and social change.  The latest issue focuses on the topics of student re-engagement and dropout prevention through the lens of various educational initiatives.  Below is a listing of this issue’s contents.  Be sure to read how Talbot Consulting and YouthBuild Newark partnered to create a first-of-its-kind school aimed at re-engaging youth in the city of Newark:


In this issue:

Re-engaging Leadership — Leslie Talbot met Robert Clark a few years before they worked together beginning in 2010. This time they came together to change a paradigm that was plaguing Newark’s school district. The result was the Newark Leadership Academy. The school was the first of its kind in the city’s history. It set a new standard in how to re-engage students who had given up. Talbot also answered questions in this month’s Q&A about the importance of addressing this issue.

At The Center of Dropout Prevention —  Rechelle Murillo has never really left the northwest corner of Nevada where Washoe County sits, but over the course of the last couple of decades it’s become another world. A product of a school district that now employees her, she has been at the heart of a program that re-engages students throughout the district that spans more than 6,500 miles.

An Overlooked Partnership – Jennifer Harris is a numbers cruncher for the Washoe County School District. She spends much of her time helping administrators understand data about their student population. For a period last year, she worked with students who are part of the district’s Student Voice program on a video that shed more light on one of the district’s issues than all the numbers she could calculate. In the long run, her data and this project will help the district understand the issues students face that force them to disengage.

 Charter Schools Play Important Role in Re-engagement — A brief done by one the country’s leading charter school advocacy organizations spells out how innovative program has enabled and will enable them to play a vital role in reengaging students who dropout. Ernie Silva was one of the report’s authors. He talks about the impact overage and under-credited (OU) students have on the nation and how he believes public charter schools can be in the forefront of reducing dropout rates.


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