Alternative Accountability Policy Forum Held In San Diego on November 15, 2013

NEW YORK, NY, November 15, 2013 – Talbot Consulting, a forward-thinking education management consulting firm focused on school design solutions for extraordinary student populations, led  “Advanced Working Session on Alternative Education Accountability Goals” on Friday, November 15, 2013 at the Alternative Accountability Policy Forum in San Diego, CA.  The Venn Group’s CEO Aretha Miller co-facilitated this workshop.

During the past seven years, Talbot Consulting’s Leslie Talbot has worked in partnership with clients to design and establish charter and contract public schools for targeted student populations.  Two schools of note – Newark Leadership Academy and Community College Preparatory Academy located in Newark, NJ and Washington, DC respectively – were designed to serve disconnected youth and in-school young people who are over-age and under-credited.


“It is critical to community well-being, development and sustainability that sufficient numbers of quality school options are available to over-age and under-credited students and disconnected youth,” Talbot said.  While these young people face significant adversity, school developers and turnaround strategists must rethink key design principles, and accountability goals if alternative education students – especially those who are over-age and under-credited – are to improve their postsecondary life outcomes,” says Talbot.


During the “Advanced Working Session on Alternative Education Accountability Goals,” Talbot drew upon her experiences in program planning, startup and implementation to guide participant exploration of effective school design elements and accountability goals for over-age and under-credited students.  The session’s primary objective was to encourage participants to consider unconventional strategies for the use of human capital, technology, time and resources to help students master Common Core and 21st century requirements.

Tony Simmons, Executive Director for The High School for Recording Arts attended the session and said, “Aretha and Leslie’s session was a great compliment to the rich discussion at the conference on alternative accountability. Their well organized and facilitated session forced everyone to take the discussion to specific and measurable accountability goals. At the end of the session, I felt that we were able to set realistic goals that I can take back to my school.”


Talbot Consulting is an education management company providing evidence-based solutions for school designs and startups, creative answers for staffing and operations, and effective strategies for program turnaround and sustainability.  Founded in 2006 by Leslie Talbot, the organization’s goal is to create specialized education content and design policy around at-risk/under-served student populations. Leslie has 25-plus years of experience evaluating and providing technical assistance to schools, districts, nonprofit organizations, state education agencies and foundations.  Leslie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in public policy from Stanford University, and a Master of Arts degree in sociology and education from Teachers College, Columbia University.  Her recent work focuses on the educational, social and emotional needs of special student populations and disconnected youth.

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